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Denologix Projects/Project Synopsis

  • Provided architecture leadership for the Retail Credit Risk Data Warehouse Software under the Basell II initiative. This initiative reduced the time for risk calculations from 21 days to 3.
  • Provided assessment for the architecture to support the Wholesale Credit Risk Data Warehouse.
  • Provided architectural assistance for the creation of financial reporting datamart for commercial lending.
  • Managed the process of consolidating 40+ General Ledgers with separate chart of accounts into one corporate general ledger and chart of account structure.
  • Assessment for migrating commercial systems from the Lotus Notes platform to more scalable and agile platform.
  • Provided team leadership for the Commercial Account Profitability project which was initiated to aid the Cash Management Group with a timely and accurate representation of non-credit profitability information for commercial customers.
  • Conducted evaluation for migration strategy for legacy “Credit Online Inquiry” applications from the mainframe environment to a true n-tier, web enable, browser-based “smart” information delivery infrastructure that would empower users with targeted, relevant, personalized, and actionable information.
  • Provided technical leadership for the initiatives to Centralize the Servers from Seven data centers –to- One; consolidated and synchronized databases from Ninety Nine –to- One.
  • Improvement in productivity and efficiency through a Straight Through Automated New Account Open process that allowed customers to ‘Open today, Trade Tomorrow’
  • Improvement in business efficiency and data accuracy with the introduction of an Automated Workflow Application to channel Material Changes to Brokerage accounts.
  • Introduction of a new account type to support a CCRA TFSA accounts.
  • Re-engineered an existing online insurance quotes application to improve the quality of collected information and increase close rates as well as client experience.
  • DataFlux installation and Configuration. Installed SAS Dataflux Server and clients. Configured the system to client needs. Trained their team on using it.
  • National Collections Data Mart. Created a datamart of information about accounts that went into default. Role included Business analysis, Data modeling, Data quality analysis, ETL Design and build.
  • Retail Investment System migration to web architecture. A project to migrate an Oracle Forms/Reports Application from 4.5 Client/Server to n-tier web based Architecture Oracle Application Server that was part of a major project to centralize and consolidate the Enterprises’ Databases. Role included Application Architecture, Lead the development team, Special Feature Identification, design, and build so they advantage of thin client environment.

what clients are saying

  • BI Platform Implementation and Data Migration

    I have worked with Denologix for over a decade now... This vendor is amazing. I'm happy I chose Denologix and would do it again.


  • Forecasting Server Implementation

    I would like to emphasize that Denologix provided excellent services to us while respecting our numerous constraints. They were very professional and meticulous. It was a pleasure to work with them.


  • Data Analytics Regulatory Project

    Their ability to understand customer needs is quite special. Denologix was very good at listening to us and coming up with solutions, which they were able to sell to our own internal clients easily. They know how to maintain the highest standard of professionalism and accountability.

    Director, CIBC

  • SAS Implementation and Migration

    Their team is very honest. Their leaders are very transparent and open. Partnership like this, you don’t find anywhere. I met very few vendors that I could say that I trusted. This vendor is amazing. I am happy I chose Denologix and would do it again.

    Sr. Manager, Aviva

  • Regulatory Data Analytics Project

    Terrific. Denologix has a fantastic reputation with our business in terms of being flexible. They are very rapid in acquiring new capabilities. They have established strong customer relationships and relationships with internal SAS departments. I have nothing but good things to say about them.

    Vice President, SAS

  • Merchandizing Intelligence and Optimization

    Denologix was reliable, collaborative, efficient and communicative throughout the Adidas project. Prognos would definitely work with the Denologix team again if we have technical gaps that require senior SAS resources.


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