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Effective Project Portfolio Management can help an organization align its project workload to meet its strategic goals, while making the best use of available resources. Research by Cooper, Edgett, and Klienschmidt reveals that, for R&D portfolios, the 20 percent of top-performing companies had an explicit, established method of project portfolio management, consistently applied across the organization.

dxPPM enables executives and managers to proactively monitor their project portfolios for alignment with business objectives and planned costs and schedules. It also allows them to identify project risks and quickly address them. dxPPM ensures the organization is working on the right Business Intelligence Software Solutions necessary to meet strategic objectives.

dxPPM empowers Project Managers to consistently produce results that meet or surpass corporate objectives.

For unique and specialized needs, Denologix Consulting Services will assist you with all phases of your project initiatives with dependable, cost effective and timely results.

Creatice Project Portfolio Management Dashboard

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Technology: Features:
  • Web based
  • User and group level security
  • Can integrate with Microsoft Active Directory for security
  • Can integrate with Microsoft Sharepoint for storing project documents
  • Users only see the screens they have been given the permissions to see
  • Built on .NET Platform
  • Uses SQLServer as the database
  • You can create project tasks in PPM or import them from Microsoft Project
  • Project: tasks, resources, risks, issues, Next Steps
  • Timesheet
  • Dashboard high level and detail
  • Automatic generation of Status Reports
Why Denologix?
  • Comprehensive solution (others are too expensive, too bulky, too heavy)
  • Installed in days – rather than months
  • Small footprint in your data centre
  • Lowest total cost of ownership

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